donderdag 1 januari 1981

Niet Reëel Aanbod (1981 - 1982)

Post-punkband from The Hague (NL), 1981 - 1982. Members were Jan (vocals), Moniek (guitar), Joost (bass), Hans (synth), Tony (drums), Helle (visuals), Paul (visuals). They played about every major city in The Netherlands, sometimes collaborating with the Poison Girls (and Rubella Ballet and Omega Tribe), Theatre of Hate and Etter. Almost selected for Crass' first Bullshit Detector compilation, but finally turned down because the lyrics weren't in English. A mini cassette album was released on their own label GAB Vacatures, an interview was published in Koekrandt, and reviews were written in Oor by Swie Tio and in several local newspapers.

From BOH magazine:

@ LVC (Leiden, supporting Theatre Of Hate)

@ HCAK (The Hague)

@ Nijevelt (Wassenaar)


Download the album "Alle 13 Slecht" here.
Interview with Koekrand and concert reviews (in Dutch, PDF), here.

Frans Lelieveld / F. Gerard Lelieveld (1981 - 2011)

- Alien: Celebrating your victory

- Unknown Title

- Caraculas
Woorden van Caraculas (link), and Unknown Caraculas recording.

- The Next Day
Paard Recordings.

Forgotten Tape Rip.

- Wei Wu Wei
Dintelstraat Recordings.

- Several contributions to 'BOH Sampler' here.

F Gerard Lelieveld @ Jen Clark's show in the Maldoror Galerie, 2011.