dinsdag 7 juni 2011

Chan's Records 1

We our now officially handling the management of a record company: Chan's Records. This is our first release:

Side A:

Side B:

Order your copy or download at http://music.loslaten.tk/album/used-slip.

More Chan's Records releases at http://music.loslaten.tk.

zondag 1 mei 2011

Marcus van Soest @ Maldoror Galerie

Photographs as PDF booklet here.

zaterdag 1 januari 2011

Maldoror Galerie (II)

January, Marcel Kaars

February, Marie-claire van der Heijden

March, Vincent Both & Yair Callender

April, Anthony Blokdijk

May, Marcus van SoesJune, Jan Duivenvoorden

July, Brech van der Marel

August, Jen ClarkSeptember, Closed.

October, Sara Nuytemans

Romano del Castelletto

December, Ibrahim R. Ineke