maandag 31 december 2018

The Not So Final Testament Of Stichting Maldoror (1987 - 2018)

This blog was initiated to replace the website, in order to memorize my activities with the Maldoror Foundation from 1987 on, even earlier projects included.

"Non-profit art foundation since 1987 in The Hague, The Netherlands (EU).

From 1987 to 1997 Maldoror, founded by Anthony Blokdijk along with Erik Lindner and Ruud Vermeer, published books and magazines in Dutch by and with Baudelaire, Bey and Burroughs, as well as writings of our own; audiotapes with music by friends or our own. We organized events on subject matters as 'Art in the Eighties', the Viennese Actionists and French Philosophers, and contributed to TV shows and festivals about Bataille, Beckett and Burroughs (again). Furthermore we managed several gallery spaces showing works by many artists."

There are - as far as we know - no photographs of the first board. On the image above Lindner (left) and myself (middle) are present. On the right is Stacz Wilhelm - collaborator until 1997. That year the foundation all of a sudden split up, and circumstances caused me to organize art-projects with children and teenagers in The Hague's Painters' district. Around the same time the website was launched (which was in 2012 replaced by this blog).

In 1997 Lindner and Vermeer were replaced by Boudewijn Pronk (left) and Raoul de Vries (right). We often resided at Casuariestraat 16.

The 21st Century brought Maldoror outside of Europe. In 2006 and 2007 I resided in Suriname (formerly known as Dutch Guyana), returning for a month in 2010 with Jan Duivenvoorden. In 2009 board members Pronk and de Vries were replaced by Jan (right) and Marie-claire van der Heijden (center). In 2012 Jan and I celebrated Stichting Maldoror's 25th birthday in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.

In 2014 Marie-Claire was replaced by Charlie Watkins.

vrijdag 1 juni 2018

Maldoror Galerie (III-2)

Maldoror Galerie was active from 1993 to 1997, and resurrected in 2011. A second resurrection occurred June 2017. The shop window of a daycare center for psychiatric patients called Sterhuis was available. The adress, wagenstraat 123, is on a mainroad leading from train station Hollands Spoor to the center of the city of The Hague, thus having hundreds of potential view(er)s a day. We decided to make monthly shows with works by one patient and one 'regular' artist, not making clear who is who or what.

Thanks to Reakt, Parnassia Groep, Atelier Anders Bekeken.

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May 2019: RAPHAEL HECKMAN (drawings) / YVO VAN DER VAT (installation)

April 2019: ARIKE GILL (mosaic) / ROLF KNIP (drawings)

March 2019: URSULA METHEL GARCONIUS (objects) / HENRIETTE VON MUENCHHAUSEN (painting, watercolor)

February 2019: CHRISTINA M. (drawings, paintings) / ZELOOT (silk print)

January 2019: FLORA REZNIK (latex portrait) / BRAHIM YAHIA (paintings, drawings)

December 2018: LUCIA CONTRERAS (sculptures) / SASKIA SEMEINS (paintings)

November 2018: WESLEY MERCELINA (drawings) / TRIJNTJE NOSKE (installation)

October 2018: HAKIM AL MOFTIN (paintings) / HAROLD DE BREE (assemblages)

September 2018: LILIAN VAN HERPEN (painting) / DANNY STEGGERDA (etchings)

August 2018: JOERA DEKKER (collages) / BERT JAN NIEUWENHUIZE (painting)

July 2018: BELUSHI METAAL (paintings) / REINA VAN ZWOLL (paintings)

June 2018: MIHALY STEFANOVICZ (photography) / KATINKA AALBERS (paintings)