vrijdag 1 juni 2018

Maldoror Galerie (III-2)

Maldoror Galerie was active from 1993 to 1997, and resurrected in 2011. A second resurrection occurred June 2017. The shop window of a daycare center for psychiatric patients called Sterhuis was available. The adress, wagenstraat 123, is on a mainroad leading from train station Hollands Spoor to the center of the city of The Hague, thus having hundreds of potential view(er)s a day. We decided to make monthly shows with works by one patient and one 'regular' artist, not making clear who is who or what.

Thanks to Reakt, Parnassia Bavo Groep, Atelier Anders Bekeken.

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January 2019: FLORA REZNIK (latex portrait) / BRAHIM YAHIA (paintings, drawings)

December 2018: LUCIA CONTRERAS (sculptures) / SASKIA SEMEINS (paintings)

November 2018: WESLEY MERCELINA (drawings) / TRIJNTJE NOSKE (installation)

October 2018: HAKIM AL MOFTIN (paintings) / HAROLD DE BREE (assemblages)

September 2018: LILIAN VAN HERPEN (painting) / DANNY STEGGERDA (etchings)

August 2018: JOERA DEKKER (collages) / BERT JAN NIEUWENHUIZE (painting)

July 2018: BELUSHI METAAL (paintings) / REINA VAN ZWOLL (paintings)

June 2018: MIHALY STEFANOVICZ (photography) / KATINKA AALBERS (paintings)