vrijdag 28 juni 2019

Maldoror Galerie (III-3)

Maldoror Galerie was active from 1993 to 1997, and resurrected in 2011. A second resurrection occurred June 2017. The shop window of a daycare center for psychiatric patients called Sterhuis was available. The adress, wagenstraat 123, is on a mainroad leading from train station Hollands Spoor to the center of the city of The Hague, thus having hundreds of potential view(er)s a day. We decided to make monthly shows with works by one patient and one 'regular' artist, not making clear who is who or what.

Thanks to Reakt, Parnassia Groep, Atelier Anders Bekeken.

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May/June 2020 (extended due to Covid-19): ROELAND LANGENDOEN (paintings) / ELSBETH VERHEUL (painting)

March/April 2020 (extended due to Covid-19): LEO (ceramics) / STIJN SMISSAERT (painting)

February 2020: ROB (ceramics) / TANJA SMIT (drawings)

January 2020: HENY (drawings, objects) / VICTOR VAN DEN OEVER (painting)

December 2019: MAY-MAY MEIJER (photography) / EWOUD VAN RIJN (painting)

November 2019: TIMOTHY DUNCAN (paintings) / BARBARA SMEENK (photography)

October 2019: SABINE HEEREMA (collages) / SARINA MISSOT (paintings)

September 2019: F. VAN ABEELEN (drawings) / SOPHIA BOESCHOTEN (installation)

August 2019: SEGHER BRANDS (sculpture with wood and metal) / CLAIRE VAN DER HEIJDEN (embroidery)

July 2019: ANTHONY BLOKDIJK (paintings) / MACHIEL VAN SOEST (paint squeezed between 2 layers of plastic)

June 2019: ARLINE VAN RAFFE (ceramics) / SUZANNE VAN SOEST (painting)